Welcome to Our Hospital

Concept behind the Institution - "Feel Like Home"
As soon as we say Hospital, a picture come in our mind – a chaotic place with small medicines, noise of blaring horns & sirens. We have built this institution with concept of feel like Home, a place where you come at your difficult times get for treatment without any worries & fear.

Atul-Charu Hospital & Trauma Centre is a state of the art multi super specialty Hospital at Bareilly, Opp. Club 7, Mini Bypass Road, Karamchari Nagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh (India)

The salient features of this hospital are the specialized OPD with super specialists in various fields aided by a team of experienced and qualified staff members. Round the clock availability of a host of facilities such as Ambulance Services, Casualty and Emergency Services, Lab and Diagnostic Services & Chemist Shop ensure smooth and efficient patient care.

It is one of the most prestigious hospital of Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) providing world class health care services in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery, Gynae Surgery, Advance Laparoscopy, Gastro Surgery, Interventional Pain and Critical Care, Urology.

“Our First & Last aim to provide the very best to the best of our capabilities without any compromise”

Our Values